Wrong turn at Adventureland

Yup, it was only a matter of time before I put up a pre-order for this one. If you follow my Facebook page, you probably saw that I made 3 of these Shrunken Head Walt mugs for Ohana Luau at the Lake last month, and, well, they basically sold in the first five minutes of the 2-day vending event. So, I kinda knew I had a dark-humored hit on my hands. And who am I to deprive my customers of yet another mug in bad taste?? Plus, they are really fun to make, which isn’t something I can say about all my designs. Even though the paint jobs are pretty complex and each one will be somewhat unique, I wanted to be able to get the price down lower than my more expensive mugs. Partly because, hey, let’s face it, it’s a THIRD variation on the same head, and it holds less than my bigger mugs (a manageable 12 ounces, which I think is just right for a nightcap cocktail on your next expedition). I will definitely keep this design in the rotation if demand is there, but this first run is just 20 mugs because I want folks to have them in hand well before Halloween. So go grab a Shrunken Head Walt before they are lost in the shadows off the shores of the Jungle Cruise

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