The Walts, they don’t stop!

It seems like there are always a bunch of Walts on my studio table in various stages of production. That’s because there literally has been for weeks, and will be for weeks to come! In fact, as I type this on Easter morning these 7 are being finished up, and another 9 are on the shelf waiting to be cleaned up and put in the kiln tonight for the first bisque firing, while another 3 are being poured into the molds. But hey, this is the life I’ve made for myself, so I can’t complain! (“But sometimes I still do” – Joe Walsh, 1978) Even though the production of these guys has been considerably more complex than I originally estimated- 17 separate paint applications per mug will do that – I have been able to get in a groove and I’m doing better at cranking them out and getting them out the door. I’m almost at the halfway point with Walt orders, other mugs, like Leotas, Quints and Surf Gods, are getting filled in between, and the molds for Walt on Ice are starting production, so I’ll have updates on that soon. AND, I will have a little bit of inventory go up for sale soon on the website (all designs except Happy Haunts and Walt on Ice). So stay tuned, you wonderful people!

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