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“Even a man who is pure of heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf,  and the Autumn moon is bright.”
A frightful mug for your favorite nocturnal libations. 6” tall, holds 12 oz.

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AH-WOOOO! The Wolfman mug – for all you hairy-handed gents and ladies whose hair is perfect! Standing at 6 inches tall, Wolfie holds 12 oz. of your favorite nocturnal libation (don’t forget the wolfsbane garnish)!

Each Wolfman mug is handmade by Trader Duck, ensuring that every piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. Melding that Universal Lon Chaney vibe with classic tiki stylings, this hirsute fella is perfect for your trips to Trader Vic’s or any full moon romp at your backyard bar.

Please allow at least 90 days for delivery, as each mug is handmade to order. Get your Piña Colada recipes ready!

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 in
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the-wolfmanTHE WOLFMAN

Availability: Available to order

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