Customer's Mug Gallery

So, the thing that makes me think maybe I’m doing alright at this whole mug making thing is my customers. In particular, my repeat customers. It never ceases to blow my mind that not only would someone like my stuff enough to shell out, let’s be honest, not a small chunk of change, and to be patient enough for me to hand craft their item, but to come back and make a second, third, or even 9th purchase! (yes, there are a few folks who have bought all 9 mug designs I have made to date …. thank you for feeding my kids!) And here are just a few of these amazing people! MAHALO!

Trader Duck mugs in the Wild

One of my favorite things is pictures of one of my mugs somewhere in the wild. I brought my Quint on our trip from San Francisco to L.A. and got photos with every bartender/skipper serving me a cocktail. The next trip, I took my Leota, then a Zaius, etc. And I love to see your pics. If you send ’em, I’ll add ’em!

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