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Here at Trader Duck’s in the Tropics of New England, we are literally a 1-man operation. I design each mug in a sketch, then I sculpt it in clay and make multiple molds in plaster, then I pour the slip clay, clean each mug after it air-dries, then I fire them in my kiln, glaze them, re-fire, stain and paint them, then pack and ship them all by myself. I am both the Boss and the Employee, and lemme tell you, the Boss is a jerk.

So, I have a kinda unique way of making my mugs. All of my mugs have fired glaze insides to make them liquid-tight and food safe. But for the most part, each of my mug exteriors are colored using ceramic stains and other finishes. This gives them that cool matte finish and allows me to have a lot more detail and control than your typical tiki mug. They should be hand-washed like all tiki mugs, maybe using a bottle brush. The exterior is very durable and will resist water, but they can scratch if you treat them rough. But then again, I have my original Quint that I literally dropped 13 feet into the ocean water off the Jaws bridge on Martrha’s Vineyard and nary a scratch!

I’d love to if it were possible, but considering how small my operation is (ie: just me!), I simply don’t have the ability to customize mugs. 

Man, the amount of times I have been asked that question … Um, no, unfortunately. Aside from the fact that I am up to my eyeballs with my own production schedule and would have no time to make a mug for someone else, I also just kinda wouldn’t want to. I like just making my mugs and chugging along. And besides, I actually have over a dozen mug designs and concepts sitting in my art folder waiting to be sculpted and made into mugs.

Currently, at the start of 2023, I try and keep my production schedule at a 60 day cycle. That means I do my best to deliver your mug in 60 days or less. That doesn’t always happen, but I truly do my best. I am a one-man operation working 6-7 days a week, every week.

Literally whatever Cap’n Pat makes me at the Lono Lounge. But when I’m visiting other bars, I always start with a Painkiller. That’s kinda like Duck’s jam.

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