Who's this Trader Duck guy, anyway?

Greetings, salutations, aloha and all that stuff! I’m Mark, but when I’m sipping cocktails in my home tiki bar or crafting small-batch tiki mugs for sale, I’m just know as Duck … I handcraft tiki mugs in New England’s tropical paradise.

I’ve been making tiki mugs (or aloha mugs or themed cocktail mugs, whatever you wanna call them) since 2017, when I made the Zaius mug for my home bar, and have been making them full time since 2020. I have been a one-person operation the entire time and plan to keep it that way. 

When you order a mug from me, you can know that it was designed, sculpted, molded, cast, kiln-fired, glazed and painted, packaged and shipped by me, Trader Duck. So while these can a bit pricey, know that I’m a pretty small operation compared to a lot of other mug makers, and I work 6-7 days a week to try and make the best quality product I can that hopefully you will feel was worth it. I make mugs that I’d like to have on my shelf or in my home bar, and hopefully you will, too.

Why "Trader Duck"?

Well, it’s a long and dopey story. Basically, I’ve been called “Duck” by a bunch of friends for years because I used to wear a lot of Daffy Duck shirts. A friend started calling me “Duck”, and it stuck. Years later, when I joked about building a full-blown tiki bar on my front porch, my friend Pat said, “If you build it, I’ll be your bartender.” So I came up with the name “Trader Duck’s Lono Lounge” on a whim (yeah, I know, real original, but I believe some rum was integral to the evening).

But I did build the tiki bar, and Trader Duck and Cap’n Pat were born. And obviously, a tiki bar needs custom mugs, so I taught myself how to make them and started sculpting my own designs.

Fast forward to October during the pandemic. I posted a sketch for a mug idea on a Facebook group as kind of a joke, and to my surprise, the response was pretty flattering, so I figured “We’ll, why not?” and I started sculpting that night. And before I knew it, I made another mug, and another … long story short,  now I make tiki mugs full-time. Never saw it coming.

Hand-crafted Stuff from the Tropics of New England

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